Dear members and guests , due to the COVID-19 we are cancelling all Junior Golf classes from Monday 23rd March until further notice. All class payments  will be put on hold.
We look forward to seeing you all again when we reopen



The Junior Program is a comprehensive program that focuses on player and skill development. This program is designed to help players develop golf fundamentals in an organised structured program.

Our four-level development program for children between the ages of 6 – 14 will continually build skills, ability and confidence, assisting every junior to progress from SHARK to TIGER Level. Our ultimate goal is for all students to reach the Proficient Level so they can gain an AGU handicap and play representative and competition golf.

$20.00 per lesson – $40.00per fortnight

  • $50 sign-up fee which includes an enrolment pack of cap and t-shirt.
  • Make up lessons available
  • Generous multi child and multi lesson discount below

We’re here to help take the load off. Multi-child and multi-lesson discounts are available for the whole family or for you to hone your skills.

 Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5
1st Student0%10%20%30%100%
2nd Student0%10%20%30%100%
3rd Student10%20%30%40%100%
4th Student20%30%40%50%100%
5th Student50%50%50%50%100%
Tuesday Wednesday Sunday
3:45pm – 5:15pm 3:45pm – 5:15pm 10am – 10:45am
Classes are subject to availability.

Our Goals at BlueFit Junior Academy

  • Develop Sound Fundamentals
  • Continually increase our knowledge of the game
  • Promote life skills that golf teaches us.
  • Provide opportunities for aspiring talent

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